I started this post almost two weeks ago but since there are homecomings and Homecomings weekly right now I figured I should still post it.   Friday, September 23rd was Homecoming for Southlake Carroll, Grapevine High School and Prince of Peace Christian and I’m sure more many other schools here in the metroplex and beyond….

Love and Rain Was In the Air

Yesterday was this month’s St. Laurence visit to Gainesville State School and what a powerful visit it was. On the visiting side there were ten of us in the visiting room for our 2 dorm units to the approx 18 per visit.  So roughly a two youth to one visitor ratio. We had Carl, Becky,…

One Heart Bowl Video Posted

This morning one of the ladies from St. Laurence who visits Gainesville State School regularly sent an email with a link this video from Friday night’s football game. You’ll have to let me know if you see anyone familiar in the video. 🙂

One Heart Bowl – Faith Christian vs. Gainesville State School

Last night some great friends, my husband Steve and I are going to see the One Heart Bowl which is a high school football game between a Grapevine private school, Faith Christian and the Texas Youth Commission Gainesville State School. I first learned about the One Heart Project in 2009 when I was researching Faith…