My Three Wisemen


This Christmas I got a little surprise – the flu.  It arrived Thursday, December 20th as I was finishing a conversation with a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn.  After our chat, I headed off to a late lunch, time at school, then ran to the grocery store for food and my favorite cold remedies and to bed.

By Saturday morning, I had figured out it wasn’t a simple cold and we tried to get a little help but that didn’t work out, so back to bed I went.  Christmas Eve I woke up about 2am wired from the Sudafed I had taken the previous night to make the humming in my head stop.  And something happened that hadn’t in a while, I started writing in my head.  As I haven’t written in a while, my head was stumbling over itself with all the topics and issues my heart seemed to be heavy with.  The biggest one was Christmas Eve 16 years Later which I might yet get too one day.  And then there was My Three Wisemen.

As I lay there thinking about my last year and thinking about some of the people I pray about, I decided that I now have three wisemen.  The three wisemen were princes who traveled the fields and lands following that amazing star which ultimately led them to the new born Christ.  Whether they knew each other before this encounter, I’m not sure but because of Christ, they did come together and placed great gifts at the son of God’s feet.

My three wisemen are three gentlemen all under the age of 24 who I got to know a little this year.  They were relationships that were started to help each individual young man but as usual, ended up teaching me a lot.  They were relationships that I hoped would last longer but now I see that may not be the case.  So now I pray for them as they move on to live the adventures of their own lives and I pray that they are happy and secure.

These three guys don’t know each other and the likelihood is they will never cross paths but in my head and my heart it is easy to group them together, I guess because I was touched by each of them.  I’m excited for their futures and what they will make of themselves.  And just maybe they will be a little nicer to people they don’t know because someone they once met was nice to them.

As I write this, I hope that each of them is warm and that they not ever feel alone.  With each I have briefly visited with about God and Jesus and I know Jesus will take care of them, I just pray my three wisemen’s paths to really know God’s unending grace and love will be short and in turn long and enduring so that they can then reach and touch others.  I am praying for their wisdom and the gifts they will one day lay at the son of God’s feet.

Be safe and be wise, my three wisemen – Jose, Ali and Ryan.


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